Healing Hands Around Earth Distant Healer, Philip Chave, Spiritual Healer. Sharing the healing experience online since 2003. Phil Chave, healer, therapist and counsellor
Distant Healer - Give yourself the gift of healing energy, the wisdom to accept it and the knowledge to use it for your greater good. Phil Chave

This website promotes distance healing, self help, natural therapy, health and wellbeing. Philip Chave, distance spiritual healer, complementary therapist, counsellor and personal life coach

By directing universal energies, healing works to restore balance, inner harmony and peace, to re-energise the body, to support the body's own immune system and so aid recovery, as well as inducing deep relaxation. Healing is excellent for relieving modern day pressures and stresses and provides support during difficult times in your life.

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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Distant healing request center. Helping others on the road to health and wellness by channeling spiritual distance healing to anyone who asks for it. The Healing Request Contact Form is available now. Absent and hands on (or off) healing from The Haven Healing Centre. Also in person for on-site complementary holistic therapy.

What's on offer? Sports Massage, Spinal Touch Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Emotional Freedom Technique, Bio-Stress Release, Indian Head Massage, Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Counselling (including Stress management, Anger management, Pain management, Internet addictions, Stuttering and Stammering, Self confidence, Self Esteem, Worry, Relationship, PTSD, long term non-responsive Depression and Abandonment) and other Emotion Therapy. See treatments and article pages for more information.

The Chakra System My sole purpose in creating this site is to be a reliable resource for sustained health, to bring healing to your life, my life, all our lives. You'll notice I am not trying to convince you, or convert you, onto some path of spiritual enlightenment. My only interests lies in promoting health and healing. It is through that path, of self help, self healing and self wellbeing that you will notice and discover things you never knew existed. Things like healing energies, inner guidance, inner peace, tranquility, the true nature of love and how to access your Source.

I call myself a Physical Therapist, because that's what I do first; Touch! I firmly believe and have shown repeatedly, if I can touch something; a muscle, a nerve, some skin, and manipulate it, if that is the right thing for that issue or complaint, it very often responds by showing measurable improvement, and usually pretty quickly.

It was whilst on that path of study in the physical plane, that I began to realize healing can also occur without touching, without manipulation and without the application of cream or drug. I became intrigued by energy healing (aura and chakra healing), a rather more spiritual journey. And it soon became clear that physical therapy can be mightily increased when you also direct your attention to the problem via your intention and attention. This comes under the heading of 'energy healing' and is one of the most profound and fundamental therapies in the area of holistic health. Healing

If you live around North Somerset, Somerset, Bristol or Bath, or the old county of Avon, please call to make your appointment or discuss your condition. I don't advertise anywhere, so ask around if you're not sure, you may know somebody who has already been to The Haven Healing Centre. Perhaps base your decision on thier recommendation. Everybody who comes here, unless they came from this site, or the Haven Healing Centre site, knows someone who has already been here and been treated by me, either physically or energetically. I invite you to explore your own healing path, and to find relief from the things that trouble you most. Even if you have been told there is no cure, there is always hope and ways to improve the life quality of someone suffering from a serious condition. Visit the treatment and articles page to see if there is anything that applies or appeals to you. Or even try our products page, if you fancy going it alone initially.

I offer my thanks to you for taking the time to look at this page, and I offer my heartfelt gratitude for finding this new way of living and being able to offer healing to others. For it is through gratitude that these gifts were offered to me in the first place.

Gratitude for everything around us is so simple and ancient an idea that it can completely transform our lives. On the importance of appreciation to our spirit, inner self, health, mind and body, the Christian mystic and sage, Meister Eckhart once said, "If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "Thank You", that would suffice".

Always remember: What matters in life IS NOT matter, what matters in life is peace. In order to function as true free spirits in our rapidly changing world, we need to find more peace and harmony within ourselves. We need to discover (or rediscover) the power of the mind in order to become whole and wise, and to help ourselves. This provides us with a solid foundation for life.

One thing experience has taught me and I know in my heart to be true..... If you buy into the belief that there is no cure for your condition, the door to healing will remain firmly closed. This applies whether you are talking about physical healing or energy healing or even pharma healing.

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Distant Healer Products: Our CD's and DVDs below make ideal holiday gifts. What more meaningful gift could you give someone than to help improve their health and wellbeing? Speedy First Class worldwide delivery included in every order.
The Sinus and Lymphatic Drainage Technique CD The Sinus and Lymphatic Drainage Technique
-Treat Your Sinus Pain Naturally

Help and effective relief for sinusitis sufferers! Why come to the The Haven Healing Centre when you can have the same information on a DVD? Clear sinus congestion and lymphatic congestion the natural way. Have you ever wanted to learn the fastest, easiest, and greatest sinus clearing strategy in the world? Ease painful sinuses and lymphatics in minutes! Visit our Sinus and Lymphatic Drainage Technique Page.
Try the Cord Cutting Technique Today! The Cord Cutting Meditation CD
Cutting the Cords of Attachment - A Self Healing Technique

Etheric Cords (BioPlasmic Streamers) are energetic links between you and other people. Removing these energy cords brings a sense of relief, releases tension and pressure from relationships and allows you to re-establish them on a new level. This CD will provide a safe and effective way to deal with these cords, restore your life and take back your personal power. Visit our The Cord Cutting Meditation page for more details.
The Healers Self Healing Meditation The Healers Self Healing Meditation - "Invoking The Healing Power Within" - Your Own Self Healing Health Plan.
For burned out, stressed out, emotionally tired therapists, healers, carers, medical practitioners and health care professionals. Healers and carers often find themselves in great difficulty when they reach a state of exhaustion. They can become depressed or sad, and things show up that weren't present before, or old injuries remanifest when you take on certain tasks.
Visit The Healers Self Healing Meditation Page.
Gain Much Needed Relief From Pre-Surgery Anxiety Preoperative Anxiety Help and Healing - A Pre-Surgery CD
Treat Your Pre-Surgery Stress Before You Go To Hospital

Due for an operation? Get help and relief for surgery anxiety BEFORE going into hospital! This CD will help provide a safe, relaxing and effective self help way of reducing preoperative anxiety for patients going through the trauma of surgery anywhere on the body. The sooner you start listening to your CD prior to surgery, the more effective it is going to be. Visit our Pre-Surgery Meditation Page for more details on how you can influence your own healing and recovery.
Reduce Stress in a moment Relaxation at the Beach - Total stress reduction in a flash.
Do you regularly suffer from stress? Few of us get away with it for long. We all need a certain amount of stress, but the constant onslaught that we face from the work environment and other sources can wear us down over time. Without a suitable antidote we can become stressed into illness, relationship breakup, unemployment, and alienated from friends and family. Reducing the stress in our lives should now be one of our MAIN PRIORITIES. If you want to know how easy it is, visit our Relaxation at the Beach page for more details.
Meet Your Inner Guide Meeting Your Inner Guide Meditation - Release your creative potential!
Do you regularly communicate with your Inner Guide? Most of us do it without realizing. Equally true is the fact that most people spend a lot of time and energy trying to ignore what their Inner Self is telling them, when in reality, what you 'feel' inwardly, is probably the most important thing you will ever hear. This is not a hard skill to learn, and all healers, counsellors and health professionals should have this useful skill in their repertoire. If you want to know how easy it is, visit our Meet Your Inner Guide page for more details.
Gain Much Needed Relief From The Strain of Caring for a Loved One Help for Carers - Take the stress and anxiety out of caring for a loved one

Are you a Carer? Feeling exhausted, stressed and depressed? Having to care for someone with a newly diagnosed long-term illness or disability can drop in any of our laps, at any moment, without warning. Millions of carers in the UK are doing it already, and many are in desperate need of assistance. If you are near breaking point, or know someone else who is, visit our Carers Self Help Page for more details.
The Miracle of Self Healing Meditation The Miracle of Self Healing Meditation - a 10 minute energy healing technique for the mind and body You have the power to make profound changes in your own body. Harness that power NOW!
We are becoming conscious of how multi-dimensional our body systems are and how we participate in the health of every bone, muscle, nerve and cell in our bodies, by the thoughts and ideas we hold in our heads. The Self Healing Energy Technique is quick to learn and easy to do. Your copy: The Miracle of Self Healing Meditation
Try The Therapists Body Scan Meditation, Today! The Therapists Body Scan Meditation - Become the ultimate therapist

An anatomy and body scan meditation designed to help therapists achieve a high state of relaxation and calm, to enable the therapist to ground properly, for the body to heal itself, efficiently and thoroughly, and to prepare the therapist emotionally for difficulties that my arise during consultation with clients.
Visit The Therapists Body Scan Meditation page for more details, and look forward to a better way.
Try The Healing Power of Laughter, Today! The Healing Power of Laughter - Chuckle Your Way to Health and Happiness
You can't bottle laughter and sell it, thank goodness, otherwise some would try to patent it and restrict our use of it. But you can take this laughter medicine and improve your sense of wellbeing. Laughter is a simple cure for many ill's and problems and I offer you your laughter prescription on CD. An interesting concept! Happiness is not something done TO you. It is something YOU create and then share with others.
Visit The Healing Power of Laughter page for more details, and look forward to a brighter day.
Sports Improvement Training for Peak Performance Sports Improvement Training for Peak Performance - Become a sporting champion in every way

It is impossible to be nervous or tense in any part of the body where the muscles are completely relaxed. Tension and nervousness create negative arousal that serves to induce unforced errors, whilst calmness and focus allow the mind to get on with the job in hand. Believing passionately that you are the best is the way for the mind to self-activate and energize the body, for improved timing and accuracy.
For more information, visit our Sports Improvement Training for Peak Performance page.
Help Your Child With Bedwetting (Enuresis) Problems Stop Bedwetting (Enuresis) CD - Does your child need help with bedwetting?

Bedwetting can take a huge emotional toll on children who feel they can't control their bodies. Anyone who has a child that wets the bed knows only too well what embarrassment, shame and reduced confidence is experienced by the child. This CD will help provide a safe, relaxing and effective self help way for your child to eliminate this problem. Help build their confidence and self-esteem now, and notice the difference right away. Visit our Yippee! I'm Dry All Night page for more details.
Stop Smoking Now - on CD. Begin a new smoke free life Stop Smoking Today - The Easy Way - England smoking ban took effect in July 2007

Smokers across England now spend hours out in the cold since the ban on smoking in enclosed public places began. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already had bans in place. Don't put it off any longer, start to reverse the health issues associated with smoking and have a positive effect on your health. For more information, visit our Stop Smoking Now Page.
Growing Pains in Childhood. Preventative treatment and exercises Growing Pains in Childhood - a self-help video for parents

A fast, reliable remedy for growing pains in your son/daughter, without resorting to medication! This DVD offers a natural, self-help approach to treating growing pains in your child, right when it bothers them the most. With pre-bed exercises to prevent growing pains ever forming in the first place. For more information, visit our growingpains DVD website.
Childrens Sleep CD. Helping children return to sleep after growing pains Growing Pains in Children - For when growing pains cause your child sleepless nights

With gentle music and a soothing voice to rock your child back to sleep the easy way. Encouraging your child to go back to sleep relaxed, calm and pain free. The perfect companion to the growing pains DVD. Now also available seperately as an mp3 download. For more information, visit our children's sleep meditation CD on the growing pains website.

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