100,000 Reasons to Live. A Specialized Self-Help Meditation for Serious Illness. Philip Chave, Spiritual Healer.
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What if my disease isn't listed?

Our motto is:
Try it on Everything!

100,000 Reasons To Live

A Specialized Meditation for Serious Diseases, Designed to Expand Your Own Healing Potential.
A Healing Strategy for Unusual Conditions.

Coming Soon....... I'm really sorry if you've come to this page. This project is very nearly finished and should be available shortly. Please bookmark this page where you will find it again easily, and check back on another day.


What causes disease?
There are many, many diseases for which we are told, there is no known cause, no known cure and no way to prevent the disease. Do you have one of these conditions? Is this the kind of news you've been faced with? Have you been told your situation is hopeless? Have you tried everything else and got no where? This is your invitation to try a new approach. We are very much in the early days of investigating our natural healing potential, but I would encourage everyone, including you, to learn how to do it and use it on a regular basis. This could be the missing link to your better health! Self help meditation CD for serious diseases

What's the theory behind this specialized meditation?

This healing meditation is based on the idea that we are not the same people we were a year ago. You are not living in the same body, skin, face, hand or foot that you had a year ago. That means that if you are chronically ill, or if you have a chronic illness NOW, the cells, the parts of the body that you had last year, or 5 years ago, that are being replaced NOW, are being re-manufactured with disease built in.
Many people see this as a one-way process, and for many people, it will be!
Not only that, the disease progresses and so each time the cell replaces itself, the new cell becomes worse than the one that came before. A disease entropy in which the disease becomes progressively worse.

It has become my experience as a therapist that our thoughts, emotions and spiritual beliefs have a profound effect on our ability to heal. There is a mind-body connection, a sensory-physical connection, a mind-matter connection and a soul-body connection, which is fundamental to us as physical and spiritual beings.
Even including following surgical intervention, our ability to get better or to feel well again, is almost always determined and attributable to the relationship between these three things of mind, body and spirit, with the inclusion of emotion which has an impact on all three.

We know this is true, because; of people with the same diseases, to the same degree, with the same pathology, taking the same medication, at the same rates and over the same time frame, vary greatly in their ability to get better. Some improve, some stay the same and some deteriorate. The one factor that differentiates them all is the mind-body-matter-emotional relationship.

Discovery Statement: One of the greatest obstacles to getting over disease and illness that has its roots in emotional or physical trauma, is our inability to realize the initial trauma as merely a mental image from our past. A story that we held so close and responded too so efficiently, that it festered and became poisonous to us, eating away at our physical form.

The idea of cellular memory and its implications for self-healing.

Our body is constantly renewing itself and making changes all the time to rebuild itself. Around 98% of the atoms in the human body are renewed each year, with about half of the water molecules (around 70% of the body) being replaced every 8 days. Blood plasma, the liquid part, renews itself every 10 days, white blood cells every 2 to 3 weeks. Red blood cells replace themselves every 120 days and our entire blood renews itself every 3 to 4 months.
Different parts of the body have differing rates of reformation. Our skin renews itself every 28 days, the stomach lining lasts about a week and the liver regenerates in around 6 weeks. Even the calcium and phosphorus in our bones and teeth are not permanent, dissolving and reforming from old and new material.

So the body is not permanent in a material sense. It's more like an old school, all of whose pupils and teachers have changed many times over, while the school, as a structure, retains its familiarity, organizational ability and identity.

How does this impact on self-healing?
Many think that memories are a product solely of the brain. But I don't think that many scientists really believe that anymore. I believe that our cells have the capacity to remember any information that has been disseminated from the brain. But even further than that, I believe that living tissue has the capacity to pick up information of its own and remember that too.
Each day you inhale or injest thousands of germs (bacteria and viruses) that are floating in the air. Your immune system deals with all of these invaders without a problem, but occasionally a germ gets past the immune system and you catch a cold, get the flu, become sick, ill or worse. A cold or flu is a visible sign that your immune system failed to stop the germ. You get over a cold or flu because your immune system has the capacity to learn about the invaders, create tools to eliminate them and then set up a defence perimiter to catch them next time they attack. In short, your body remembers what to look for. If your immune system did nothing, or was unable to create the correct antibody, you would never get over a cold or anything else.

This tells us that the body is DESIGNED to heal itself. We're made in such a way that we can adapt quickly to a situation of threat, firstly on a physical level and secondly at a cellular level. But not only that, once the repair is made, the body remembers how to use that antibody or thought process again and again, for a long time afterwards.

I remember being told as a child, the brain was like a computer. Now scientists think each cell is like a computer, a separate computer, and one single cell is like the whole brain. This idea reminds me of a hologram, whereby you can take just a tiny part of the whole, and yet in that tiny part, is the whole, reproduced perfectly. Likewise, the mind-body-spirit connection are not 3 separate parts of the whole. They are the whole, in each and every part, inseparable from each other, in every cell of the body.

The mechanism for how the mind and emotions influence sickness and disease have been well understood for many years, but the reason has only recently been discovered. There is a direct link between our nervous system and our white blood cells. White blood cells have nerve receptors on their surfaces, called neuro-receptors. A message can be transmitted instantaneously from our brain to our white blood cells, the body's basic defence mechanism. Thus how you feel about something, your emotional state at the time, is communicated directly to your white blood cells and transported around the body. Whatever you feel - good or bad - has an immediate effect on your white blood cells activity and this further impacts on their ability to do their job.
What's important is that your white blood cells kill diseases and foreign invaders, the triggers for many serious illnesses, as well as killing off the millions of cancer cells produced in the body every day. Your emotions can have a profound effect on the ability of the body to defend itself. You might not be able to literally go inside and repair the internal damage caused by disease and illness, but you can have an influence on your emotional state, your anxiety, your stress levels, your beliefs and attitudes. If it was this that allowed the disease to progress, it will be this that will allow you to make improvements in your own condition and physical health, by impacting on the body chemically and change the way your immune system functions.

Psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI), is a relatively recent branch of science that studies the connection between the brain and the immune system and follows the premise that a patient's mental state influences their own diseases and healing. Studies demonstrate new understandings of how experiences such as stress, hostility, depression and anxiety can affect a person's immune system. These studies are discovering how the immune system communicates with the neurological and endocrine systems and include factors such as mood, illness, immune response, susceptibility to disease, and maintenance of health. Many conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, delayed wound healing, and premature aging, are related to stress and negative emotions. Fewer studies have been aimed at showing the benefits of happiness, or positive emotions, on health (perhaps because this is more difficult to test), but that is what we are setting out to prove with this Healing Meditation for Serious Diseases.

You are what you think and do, one day at a time and for the rest of your life.

How old were you when you first learned to ride a bike? When you first learned to skate, skip, learnt to swim, do handstands, or ride a pony?
Everything you did and learned how to do when you were young was present in you as a 'knowingness'. You knew how to do these things, in your brain, in your cells, in your muscles. Knowledge was something inside you at the cellular level and your muscles were able to perform these physical acts because you had this 'knowingness' in your cells.

Now, many years later, many cars later, you instinctively know that, if you were to get back on a bike, you would know how to ride it. The powerful knowing that allowed you to perform these complicated tasks as a youngster, are still there inside of you, in every cell of your being. This knowingness that allows you to just go and do it, also applies to other things like swimming, skating, skipping or dancing round a maypole.

We've established that the body that learned to ride a bike when you were 4 is not the same body that exists today. Every cell that makes up the physical body has been replaced, many times over, with brand new cells. The 'knowingness' has outlasted the physical body in which it was formed all those years ago and now that body no longer exists. You are in a new body, a later model if you like, one in which every single physical aspect of that 4 year olds body, is gone! You are, however, left with a body in which that 'knowing' still exists, somewhere.

If you accept the scientific explanation that all cells are essentially the same until they differentiate into separate parts of the body, and the holographic idea of cellular memory, where every cell carries the memory of every other cell, you can easily see how it manages to remember who and how we were all those years ago. Every condition, disease and illness that you have now, has overwritten the coding, the cellular memory, that you once had, of your own fitness and health. Even though you may be ill now, you can still think back to a time before illness became a 'knowing' in your body. And, if you can remember what it was like before you were ill, that cellular memory, that chunk of coding, or at least the 'knowingness' of it, must still exist, somewhere in your cellular structure.


So, not only are physical conditions passed on repeatedly to each new generation at the cellular level, knowledge is also passed on in the same way. Is it not possible that if you REMEMBER what it was like to feel well at the cellular level, your cells also retain the knowledge and the capacity to BE well at a genetic level? Given that the memory of health is there, despite the physical nature of ageing which ignores that and gives in to a degenerating entropy, letting the health slide downwards at an accelerated rate, is it not possible by the energy of intention, to reverse that trend, and bring improvements to the cells, the organs and the body, in line with the 'knowingness' that it is better to be healthy than to be ill?
If something is dirty, you clean it. If your car breaks down, you fix it. Is taking care of ourselves really so different? You repair a failing physical body because it is the only one you've got. And what a head start you have available to you! The automatic repair systems installed in our bodies are far, far better than any man made repair system ever made. Sure, it can be a little quirky sometimes, but you really can set yourself the task of fixing it. Just as you use your intention to fix your material possessions, so you can use your intention to fix yourself.

Do you think it won't work for you?
Many people may say, 'Okay, but I've got an incurable disease. How am I supposed to cure myself?' I respond to that by saying, 'If you close the door to possibilities, you also close the door to healing.' In other words, if it's not in your belief system to at least try, it won't happen. Because it can't! If you think you are helpless and can't do it, you're right!
Conversely, of course, if you think you can make a difference, you just might. If you truly believe you have the ability to alter the course of your life, including the conditions under which you live that life, there is no limit to what you can do.
For many, healing, or a cure, is not the issue. I've often heard it said, 'It's not the illness I mind. I can cope with the illness, it's the symptoms that get me down. I spend so much time coping with symptoms, I forget I'm supposed to have "XYZ" illness.' For some, healing the symptoms is much more than halfway toward healing the disease.

Why call it 100,000 Reasons to Live? Isn't that a little ambitious?

It is my intention, with this disc, to have 100,000 people try it and use it regularly for an extended period to attack their illnesses and diseases, with their intention. 100,000 ways to change your life.
If everyone who buys the disc makes use of the built in Free Copying Privileges, that will be 1,000,000 copies floating around the globe. Now That's Ambitious! :-)

One of the fundamental aspects that affects how we acquire and respond to illness is Love. A love imbalance = a health imbalance. When we were babies, we were showered with love. The only thing that occupied our lives as babies, was acquiring love from others. Others loved us, so they fed us, clothed us, changed us, touched, hugged, held and kissed us, more than at any other time in our lives. In return, we loved, unconditionally, and as we got older, our sole purpose was to acquire the love of our parents. We would do anything, absolutely anything, to keep our mummies and daddies showering us with love. Lack of love, inappropriate love and loss of love are probably the single highest unrealised reason for visits to the doctor, therapist or counsellor. Of course we don't call it that. We call it migraine, an ulcer, chronic fatigue, cancer or heart disease, because by the time we think about dealing with the love issue, that's what it is manifesting as.
How does this happen? We grow older and are taught, or teach ourselves, that giving or getting love, unconditionally, can cost us dear and it can be painful. We begin to fear love and start to place conditions on the giving and receiving of it. Early relationships teach us that love hurts and we soon learn to narrow the circle of people who we allow close enough to exchange love, for fear of the consequences. We forget that love is as important to our health as the air we breathe, or the food we eat. Our bodies respond to real love like fertilizer to a plant, it helps us grow and keeps us healthy. Most importantly, we need again to learn to love ourselves and then to allow that to shine out from us, like the light from a car headlight that guides our path, allowing others to see us, and respond to us as loving beings.

This then is The Love Law: To get love, you need to give love. To get better, you need to love at every moment and to forgive everyone.

Tried everything else and got nowhere? This is your invitation to try a new approach.

This is an invitation to anyone with a serious illness or disease to join in with this worldwide healing experience. Remember, everything in the universe is energy (E=mc2). Since everything in science and life tells us this is true, every thought, every cell, every part of us is energy. Therein lies the solution to our problem. Illness and disease are like faults in our energy field. Health, well-being, love and happiness are the balancing forces in our energy field.

Remember, in healing, there is one law that will always be true: You are the only one who will ever heal yourself.

How long will it take? Do I have to keep doing it?

The body has often taken much time to become ill and diseased. Time in which we sometimes give it strength by our acquiescence or passive acceptance of its inevitability. Cellular memory ensures that each cell change and symptom recreates that disease making it a normal part of our daily existence and we allow ourselves to become more diseased and more ill, over time. Our submission to it, our acceptance of disease as progressive, and the willingness to accept labels following the onset of disease, reinforces those changes.

You are going to change the way you look at disease, change the way you feel about disease and change the way you think about disease. You will see yourself becoming healthier and stronger at a cellular level. You will be attempting to retrace, from this moment on, the disease pathology, by moving back through the disease, in exacltly the same way that it progressed. THAT IS GOING TO TAKE TIME, and will need to be repeated over and over again.

Some people took years to get to their current state of illness and disease. Don't expect to get over it in a week. This is a PROGRAM OF RENEWAL THAT WILL TAKE TIME, because you are waiting, you are attempting to have an effect on YOUR CELLULAR STRUCTURE, you are having an effect on your body at the cellular level. Remember, it takes up to a year to change all the cells in your body and cells are being replaced all the time, at a phenomenal rate. Each time a cell renews itself you have the intention to make it better than it was before. Fitter, healthier, shedding the memory of disease and recreating itself anew, until you have a wave of cellular renewal going through your body on a regular basis.

This meditation is designed specifically for those types of people who just need to be shown the way to do that and to have that positive experience of thought makes healing. The moment you witness for yourself how thought makes healing, you will know the power of intention.

The disc also carries other files that you can print or save to your computer. You can use these documents to chart your progress over a month, 3 month or 6 month cycle. Try to plan from the outset how long you will do this so that you stand a realistic chance of seeing some improvement. When you've done that, be persistent. It's not going to help if the disc stays in its protective wrapper. Try to do a little every day.

How much is this meditation CD?

The disc is 12 (UK pounds) which includes postage worldwide. I've kept it as cheap as possible, the cost of 1 NHS prescription + postage. So just as your doctors prescription usually lasts for one months supply of drug, plan at the outset to participate in this for one month, minimum. That will at least give you value for the money you've spent, then, at the end of the month, decide on your level of progress and choose to continue, or not, for as long as you are gaining benefit from the work you are doing.

The CD disc also has one interesting feature. It comes with FREE COPYING PRIVILEGES for Purchasers. It is my intention with this disc, to have 100,000 people around the globe, using it regularly, working on their own self healing and exploring their own healing potential. I want there to be a worldwide wave of healing with as many people as possible taking part. To that end, I freely give full permission to anyone purchasing this disc to make 10 copies of your purchased CD and then to GIVE THEM AWAY (not sell them) to other people who need healing.

Note: Never use a meditation disc while driving or operating machinery.

One final point: You do not have to be ill to use this meditation. Few of us have perfect health and we have become conditioned to accept that good health is simply the absence of disease. When used in a palliative role, it will be of great benefit.

-._.-"*"-._.-"*"-._.- ## -._.-"*"-._.-"*"-._.-

Not sure if this will work for you? Your particular illness not on the left?
Our motto is: Try it on everything!

Please share this page with your friends. Thank you.

If you have any thoughts on this, please write to me at:
Philip Chave © 2004-

Note: Please be aware that Healing, distant or otherwise, does not take the place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition, and problems of an urgent nature. Continue with your prescribed medication. Healing is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside orthodox/conventional healthcare, thus expanding your treatment options.

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