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Phil Chave
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The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Technique Research Page

User Experiences of the Sinus DVD

As I learn of the experiences of users, I will add to this page - Phil

Recurrent Ear Infection in Children

I remember as a child, keeping my parents up for hours and hours, night after night, with recurrent ear infections, and even now, just thinking about it, I wince at the thought of the pain and the head pounding that I went through as a young boy.

Many health practitioners now know that the root cause of many ear infections is that children haven't learned to breathe properly, or they have been subjected to an injury that restricts their breathing in some way. (I can already see you saying; Yeah Right! Pull the other one. But just hear me out for 1 minute)

Breathing is one of the major mechanical forces that pumps the lymphatic fluids around the body. If that isn't working right, lymphatic congestion can result in the upper body and there can be poor fluid drainage from the head and neck. Most of these fluids that move down from the head pass through the cervicular chain on either side of the neck, just below the ear. In these stagnant, warm, nutritious, fluid conditions, just the right environment is created for bacteria to breed and build in numbers, including in the middle ear.

Our response is usually to wipe out the bacteria with antibiotics, and thankfully, this is very effective. The downside is, unless the underlying situation is changed, the infection is going to come back. And this is certainly the experience of many unfortunate children in this position.

Conclusion and Tips to Increase Effectiveness of the Technique:
Teach your child the sinus tapping and lymph drainage technique, to increase their circulation and drainage from the head and neck areas. Second, sit them down and teach them to do fixed breathing exercises. The idea is to make the breath deeper, slower, quieter and more regular. This is not a difficult thing to do! After a little practice, because the body knows instinctively that it is a good thing to do, they will find themselves doing it without realizing.

Just sit in a chair with hands in the lap and take some deep, slow, regular breaths. In through the nose, and out through the mouth. Let the out breath be a forceful affair, with a bit of puff. Let the in breath be slow and deliberate, and all the way in, so that you feel your lungs expanding, your chest expanding and your stomach moving out. Try to do this for 6-8 breaths, and twice a day. That's it!

Part of the problem is that we very quickly learn to shallow breath, which provides the body with less energy. The body compensates by slowing down in all areas, including circulation and drainage.

TemporoMandibular Joint (TMJ)

Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) - dysfunction & pain. Pain in the lower jaw, or along the upper jaw tooth line, can cause a sufferer to unconsciously hold their jaw in a stressed condition. This puts undue pressure on the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ), because, as the jaw is shaped to fit the space, and the muscles and ligaments that hold it in place are undertension, the jaw is straining to keep its proper location.

This can have an effect on the whole side of the head, around the ear, lower jaw and the TMJ just in front of the ear. Usually the biggest problem is that the jaw aches and there is mild or acute pain. This can happen at any time, when relaxing, when talking or when eating and swallowing.

An increase in pain is often the result of increased tension in the jaw. Increased tension, causes an increase in pain and other symptoms, such as a bite that is now out of line with the rest of the face and teeth. So you set up this cycle of pain and tension that is really difficult to break. The sufferer may develop jaw popping and clicking when they move their jaw. It may get harder to open the jaw as wide as before.

It is estimated that 20% of the population (one in five people) have TMJ symptoms. This causes varying degrees of discomfort including headaches, face and jaw pain, and can complicate other disorders of the face in the ear, nose and throat areas. Excessive tension in the joint tissues can cause them to dry out or become dehydrated. This increases wear of the tissue and will eventually likely cause increased dysfunction of the joint.

Conclusion and Tips to Increase Effectiveness of the Technique:
For TMJ problems, increase the effectiveness of doing the tapping and lymph drainage technique by using the pads of all four fingers and using a circular massage technique with the fingers. Gently apply light pressure to the muscles that radiate out from the jaw joint, up to the temples and forehead, across the cheek to the nose, behind the ear to the occipital ridge and into the side of the neck below the ear.

Massage gently with the fingers for short periods, first clockwise in a small circular motion that moves the skin (not sliding the fingers over the skin), then in an anti-clockwise direction for the same number of small circles (You only need to work lightly. The muscles are on the outside of the skull and so are just under the skin).
Follow all forms of massage with a drink of water to aid in toxin removal from the body.

Visit this page for more information: The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Technique or The Sinus and Lymphatics Problem Page

How to Order Your CD Online

The Sinus Tapping and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique The DVD costs 9.99, postage paid, worldwide. That's less than the cost of 1 therapy treatment at your local spa. Yet, you can use this technique as often as necessary to gain relief from sinusitis, lymph edema, puffy eyes and face, headache, congestion, facial soreness, earache, and lots of other complaints of the head where fluid retention is involved.

For immediate despatch, click here to order your copy, postage paid worldwide >>>

How to Order Your CD by Post

Alternatively, send your UK cheque (made payable to "Philip Chave") or cash (notes only - 1 x 10), to: Mr P Chave, The Haven Healing Centre, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset BS27 3RU. If you do send cash, please wrap it up in several layers of paper so that it is not viewable through the envelope. I will not be responsible for cash lost in the post, but it shouldn't be a problem if you take sensible precautions to conceal it.

ScreenShots from the DVD
The Sinus Tapping and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique - Screenshot 1     The Sinus Tapping and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique - Screenshot 2     The Sinus Tapping and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique - Screenshot 3     The Sinus Tapping and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique - Screenshot 4
The Sinus Tapping and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique - Screenshot 5     The Sinus Tapping and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique - Screenshot 6     The Sinus Tapping and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique - Screenshot 7     The Sinus Tapping and Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique - Screenshot 8

Are you being tortured by your sinuses? Are you taking back-to-back antibiotics? Do you get rid of a headache one minute, for it to be replaced by another? Find relief as soon as today by using this simple yet very powerful, step-by-step 3 minute technique. Wouldn't that be great? The natural way to find relief from these painful conditions.

The natural way to treat sinus pain!

Some unsolicited comments from blogs and forums that you can see published around the internet just by doing a search.

Quote 1: Post By Aleta (02/19/2008)
See http://www.distanthealer.co.uk/sinus_sinusitis.htm for a diagram for sinus tapping (scroll down towards the bottom of the page and you will see the chart). I learned some of the techniques in OT, and they are effective in draining the sinuses and relieving sinus pressure.

Quote 2: Post By Rob (03/23/2008)
I just traveled overseas and got the worst sinus cold have taking sudafed and I have the worst sinus pressure my teeth are going numb! I just tried the Tapping method and OMG it actually works and relieved most of the pressure. I am so relived now I'm writing this message. Thank you!

Quote 3: Post By mnf1212 (03/29/2008)
I've had sinus pressure for days, took antibiotics which helped, but the pressure's still there. Sudafed, tylenol, mucinex, and allegra all proved unhelpful. Even hot baths and showers didn't work. So I just tried tapping my face after reading the posts on this site. I felt ridiculous but I did it. Hard and incredibly it actually helped. Yay!

Quote 4: Post By Bub (04/02/2008)
I've tapped under my eyes for this and it's been very effective.

Quote 5: Post By trent (04/11/2008)
I suffered from sinus pressure for days, and no off the counter med helps. I've found that the tapping technique help to release pressure almost instantly. but the problem is, it came back almost instantly. Do I have to keep tapping all day, or all night?
          Note from Phil: NO! I'm guessing this person wasn't persistent. Normally, you will get to a position of clarity after a few sessions.

Quote 6: Post By Max Bruckner (04/30/2008)
The tapping method seemed incredibly ridiculous starting out but I did it kind of hard and it actually worked. I heard this sort of squeak from my nostril and it was the pressure actually leaving my head! AMAZING!

Quote 7: Post By Sinus Queen (08/29/2008)
I've been taking Nasonex, Claritin, Pseudoephedrine, Head On, Advil, Astelin, and Vics Vapor Inhaler. Nothing was helping the sinus pressure, which was causing my teeth to hurt. I was having to take sleeping pills as well. My chiropractor adjusted my face and recommended "Euphorbium," an herbal spray. Given the name, I thought it ought to do much more than clear my sinuses. I'm not sure yet whether it is a worthwhile product. After reading this board, I've had great success with the face tapping and rubbing ritual and the saline solution--baking soda, salt, warm water. It has made a huge difference.

Quote 8: Post By GLR (08/29/2008)
Relief in 3 minutes. I kid you not. I read in one of the comments about tapping your sinuses and I tapped my forehead, side of my temples, cheekbones, nose but primarily forehead with most focus on the eyebrow area. I cannot tell you how effective this was for me. I was going to cry from the pain but it would hurt too much to cry. My wife who was sitting next to me heard this hissing sound as the pressure was relieved. I was in severe pain less than 5 minutes ago and now I am almost back to normal. I really hope this helps you because I know how painful it is.

Quote 9: Post By Jesseca (01/26/2009)
..... I tried the tapping method, too, and I thought it was crazy, but not 5 minutes after tapping all over my face, I could feel my ears draining, and had stuff draining down the back of my throat! It wasn't perfect yet, but it sure did help! I followed the chart that's available on one of the posts above. .....
          Note from Phil: She means this one: Sinus and Lymph Drainage Chart

Quote 10: Post By Guest (12/19/2008)
I just tried the tapping and it worked! I'm really amazed!

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