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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Using Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment for Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Find reliable relief from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with this surprising breakthrough solution for CFS patients

Find energy you thought you'd lost forever These protocols also work as well for Fibromyalgia patients as they do for Chronic Fatigue

Manual Treatment Protocol for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  (CFS)
If you are suffering from CFS, you will no doubt have encountered the extreme mental and physical tiredness (fatigue), muscle and joint pain, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness and sleepless nights that are common symptoms of this disorder. Part of the problem is not having the strength, or in the case of depression, the inclination, to do anything about it. The difficulty of diagnosis means that treatment plans can vary widely and recovery is not guaranteed.
Chronic Fatique Syndrome - Woman Depressed and Sad
My involvement with CFS comes from patients who, in the main, show up for other reasons; an illness, a social phobia, depression, anxiety, pain or drug addiction. It's easy to see how any of these conditions can be contributed to mightily by Chronic Fatigue, and it was while treating a bad case of long term depression in a CFS sufferer, that I came across a treatment program that seems to defy logic, but that is effective in that it appears to create an antidote effect to the fatigue element of CFS and therefore allows for a certain improvement in useful energy.

The patient arrived at her usual time and was looking at my list of treatments. We had set aside counselling time, but feeling a little on edge, she asked if I'd give her a massage instead. Well, okay; given that she was agitated, I figured a relax will help her just as much as any talking.

I performed a very light aromatherapy massage. About 24 hrs later, I got a call from her. She was doing the shopping in a nearby supermarket! Now this, from someone who normally waits in the car, always too tired to do anything other than leave her husband to do the shopping. This was one of those "Thank you" phone calls (we therapists & counsellors sometimes get them smile).

The treatment had the opposite effect than one might have expected
What was interesting, was that the treatment had had the opposite effect than one might have expected for most other people; who would normally go away fairly chilled and relaxed; and gave her the energy to enjoy a fairly lengthy period of activity, doing something that she enjoyed. What could have caused this? The massage? Coincidence? Too early to tell just yet, but I was rather pleased.

Mentioning this to other patients on my list with the same condition, I was inundated with requests for similar treatments. One thing I did observe was that as one of the patients had fibromyalgia as a complication, the massages were by necessity, very light. Curiously enough, over time, it became clear that the lighter the massage, the greater the effect.

At each subsequent massage, I reduced the pressure, making lighter and lighter strokes, with increasing success, until I was effectively performing Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). Now I happen to be qualified in MLD aswell, and went over to doing it in accordance with the protocols I had been taught for surgery recovery. This work is very light indeed, and is the same procedure as that taught to Vodder practitioners, as far as I can tell.
Resting on a Park Bench. Chronic Fatique Syndrome - Man Having a Rest
I guessed, as patients characteristically have bad days and good days, notably, bad days follow good days, I did wonder if this increase in energy was going to be a temporary measure and that the patient would 'crash' on subsequent days; but for the most part, this did not prove the case.

So what is happening? I'm afraid I don't actually know for sure. Almost all protocols for CFS treatment and recovery rely on 'movement' to one degree or another. When we move, our lymph moves. In fact, it moves to collection points in the body, where it is stored, treated, flushed and recycled. It is true that inactivity causes the body to atrophy and for the fluids to stagnate. This causes breakdown and toxification of muscles, organs and cells.
Enjoy Life to the Full! Chronic Fatique Syndrome - Man Jogging
Our demand for oxygen and nutrients is high if we are to recover, but the pain of CFS means our ability to breathe efficiently is reduced and so there can be an oxygen deficit, leading to palpitations, sweats, fainting, headaches, sickness, mood swings and other symptoms.

As Manual Lymph Drainage stimulates the circulation of lymph and superficial blood flow, effectively removing the toxic and stagnant lymph and replacing it with 'clean' lymph, the cells of the body have been given a shot of water, nutrients and oxygen, at normal pressure, that they can use to repair themselves and function normally. In addition, an active lymphatic system, flexes the immune system muscles, and this may increase our ability to detect and eradicate viruses, one of the most often cited causes of CFS.

In the end, it may be that performing a relaxing Manual Lymph Drainage Treatment does nothing more than lower the stress levels in the patient to a point where the endorphin levels counteract the stress hormones. There is much evidence to suggest that stress levels influence the immune system to the point of impairment.

But I'm convinced that it is more than that. The concept that we have to realize is that the lymphatic system (which most people have never even heard of) is as important as the body's blood supply, and it's efficiency is literally a matter of life and death.

Research that agrees with my own findings
Increasingly convinced that I couldn't be the only person to be using this method for the treatment of CFS, I set about looking for research, mainly on Google Scholar, to back up my own findings. To my surprise I actually found some (for more information please read this article from the JAOA.org website on the cranial rhythmic impulse). This research attempts to make a case for the Cranial Rhythmic Impulse (CRI), and in so doing it goes some way to demonstrating that the central nervous system the brain and spinal cord somehow plays a role in CFS.
Enjoy Life Again! Chronic Fatique Syndrome - Couple Having Fun
Cognitive difficulties are found in 85-95% of CFS patients. They can have trouble concentrating or a poor memory and have difficulty processing information. These problems are more than just a nuisance or frustrating to patients. They can be functionally disabling and severely limit school or job performance, eventually contributing to childhood failure at school or the loss of career for some patients.

Research also shows patients may suffer from central nervous system immune dysfunction, which means they have immune systems that are under functioning. Hence the reason many CFS patients more easily pick up coughs, colds, allergies and flu, and take longer to fight them off.

It turns out that there is an interesting relationship between cerebrospinal fluid, lymphatic drainage and patients with CFS. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear bodily fluid that occupies the spaces around and inside the brain. It also surrounds the spinal cord and helps protect the central nervous system (CNS) from acute blood pressure changes. It has an excretory function and controls the chemical environment of the central nervous system.

The central nervous system doesn't contain a proper lymphatic system, but nevertheless there is a need for regular fluid exchange and replacement. In its excretory role, the CSF must remove the build up of toxins and cellular debris that occurs in CNS tissue. Given that most CFS patients have cognitive difficulties, it is possible that from whatever cause, there is a dysfunction of cerebrospinal fluid drainage.

Cerebrospinal fluid drains from the brain in three main ways: through the outer layers of the brain, down at the spinal nerve roots and along the cranial nerves in the face. Get Your Life Back! Chronic Fatique Syndrome - Woman on Horseback The Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment is going to be effective in increasing neurolymphatic drainage because following a 'kickstart' of the thoracic duct at the start of the treatment, a wave of contraction is produced that aids lymphatic drainage into the subclavian vein, which in turn, produces negative pressure along the lymphatic channels, effectively a vacuum, into which lymph is pulled, and into which we can 'push' the lymph.

This treatment should then effectively reduce the build of toxicity within the central nervous system, and clear waste products from the interstitial spaces from the rest of the body. Nerve messaging is improved, as is the body's ability to perform the work at a more energetic level.

So, if that last bit didn't put you off totally, I'd like to invite all Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers to make an appointment and at least give my Manual Lymphatic Drainage Technique a try. If you live in any of the towns and villages in the list below this article, you are well within a 2 - 40 minute drive of The Haven Healing Centre, and I'd be delighted to be instrumental in helping you turn your CFS around.

Please call Phil Chave on 01934 740275 to make your appointment or to talk about a treatment plan structured around your needs.

Don't wait. Make your appointment today. You'll be glad you did!

Great News! Now available no matter how far away you live - read more here.
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More information on ME/CFS/PVFS (Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome).
If you live too far away from The Haven Healing Centre to receive Manual Lymph Drainage for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome click here.

Why Should I Take Any Notice of This When There is NO CURE for CFS?

I don't know what else to say that will convince you to give this a trial, but here are the results of the last six patients that have undergone a course of treatment here at The Haven Healing Centre.

Patient 1: CFS for 5 years. Treatment time 3 months, at weekly intervals. Had to get a neighbour to take the children to school 3 days out of 5 because of exhaustion in the morning. Libido almost non existent and marriage was a strain. Now, a practicing therapist and trained in massage. For those of you who know, massage can be an exhausting business in itself, but here she is practicing as a self-employed masseuse. And in case you were wondering, yes her marriage is back on track.

Patient 2: CFS for 12 years. Had tried everything under the sun, but not LDM. Started coming weekly for about 1 month. Heard about another therapy that promised to cure her of CFS. Stopped coming and went elsewhere. (I was happy with that because she was at least still having something). On contact with her 6 monghs after, she was 100% no better and still suffering, and had switched therapies again. So no joy there, but I live in hope that she may come back and try again.

Patient 3: CFS for around 5 yrs, probably longer undiagnosed. In part-time work as anything more was impossible. Too much stress causes her to crash. Came for 4 months regularly without fail, then irregularly (meaning sometimes fortnightly, not weekly), and still comes on a very irregular basis. But she is now a fully qualified pilates teacher and runs courses and classes in pilates, as well as keeping her part-time job.

Patient 4: Can't work, can't cope with housework, hates her children who are a burden. Likes to sleep, LOTS! Diagnosed with ME around 10 years ago. Feels trapped indoors because if she goes anywhere, she is fearful of not getting back home again. Married, with a husband who would do anything to help his wife, and so agreed to finance treatment for up to a year. Six months after starting treatment, this lady's house is spotless, her children adore her as she picks them up from school every day, and the best part (for her. But I think the bit about her kids is the best part): She started work part-time in a local shop, during school hours and feels GREAT around 90% of the time.

Patient 5: CFS for 8 years. On occasions, housebound. Doesn't care about family, feels exhausted all the time, irritable, depressed, can't cope, or face anybody. Read this article and picked up the phone. Had to be driven and helped into my treatment room. Thoroughly depressed and on anti-D's. Was previously an executive in a large publicly owned firm in the Bristol area. Caught glandular fever and never went back to work. Seems CFS took a hold and she never really recovered. Now this was someone who worked 18 hours a day, at weekends, chaired meetings, oversaw huge budgets, and had massive responsibility. So you can see why she may now be depressed. Is this all I'm now good for? After six months of weekly treatments, this lady has now started her own business in the city and employs 12 people. I'd call that a result, wouldn't you?

Patient 6: CFS for 5 years. No energy, can't socialize, can't work, walks to school twice a day with young children. Doesn't want to look after self, has low self-esteem and self-confidence. Had remarkably few treatments and is now NORDIC walking for goodness sake!

I've just had a treatment with patient 7: She has been coming for 3 months and is delighted because has been to the gym twice every week for the last 3 weeks and only didn't tell me before because she was afraid she would fail or I might tell her off. Nice! Come on now, can any of you with CFS do gym twice a week?

My Conclusion: Everybody who has made the commitment and come regularly for treatment has made remarkable progress and are seeing CFS's influence over their lives markedly reduced. I'm not saying this is a cure. Not by any means. But I am saying it can make a very big difference in your energy levels for extended periods. Because you are not living with it all the time, you begin to notice the subtle triggers, you notice the early symptoms, and can take action early to reduce the level of their intensity and the inevitable crash.

You know, the above examples demonstrate a 6 out of 7 hit, which is just awesome! The choice is now yours!

Testimonial: Recently, one lady, who has had CFS for 10 years decided to come to The Haven Centre because she had 'tried everything else' and had gotten nowhere. After 2 months of weekly treatments, she casually announced, "This is the best 8 weeks I have ever had!" I equally casually asked if I could quote her on this page, and she agreed.

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