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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Crystal Healing for Fertility Issues

Having trouble conceiving? Pregnancy still a dream? Could crystal healing be the answer you've been looking for?

If motherhood seem further away than ever, have you ever thought about harnessing the transforming power of natural energies? It's not as bizarre as it sounds.

If your fertility treatments are failing, complement them with Crystal Healing
Quartz Crystal used in Crystal Healing This article is geared specifically towards those wishing to maximize their conception chances by using natural means. Most people will tell you, you are bloody mad!

But increasingly, more and more people, who are having infertility treatments, or IVF, or other kinds of treatments, are turning to complementary therapies. And one of those, in particular, apart from spiritual healing, or reiki healing, is CRYSTAL HEALING.

Surprisingly, some doctors are now open minded enough to accept that if people want to try something extra to assist in their IVF treatments, then GO FOR IT!

How do you make this work for you?
What processes are at work here?

If you have been having IVF already, prior to coming for your treatment, you will already know a lot about what I am going to say here, but if you haven't gone down the treatment route yet, some of it may be new, or you may have heard some of it from other sources.

Many places offer healing treatments and will just send you away afterwards. But I take the view, that with infertility, there are so many variables, it needs to be more thorough than that. Our discussions will revolve around such things as:-
  • Understanding your body's natural fertility signs
  • How to pinpoint your ovulation date and your fertile time
  • Recognize shifting body patterns that indicate fertility
  • Know your 'fertility window'
  • Improve intercourse timing to increase your chances
  • Charting your cervical fluid; type and consistency
  • Charting primary fertility signs such as your basal body temperature (BBT)
  • What is happening in your immediate environment (i.e. decorating)
  • Where are you health wise?
  • Where are you with your healthy eating plan?
  • Understanding the following phases: menses, the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase
  • Any other phrases you're not familiar with
  • The role of your hormones in the menstrual cycle
  • Medication analysis - What tablets are you taking at the moment and are there any known side effects that are interfering with your fertility treatments?
  • Learning when ovulation actually takes place
  • How to detect ovulation
  • When and how often should I have intercourse?
  • Are supplements and vitamins appropriate?
When you already know the information above, we can use the data you have collected to tell us the best and right time to perform your Crystal Healing treatment. This is 'the planned approach' and is based on known and measured parameters, not on guesswork. I believe this approach will give you and your partner the very best chance of success.

What is Crystal Healing, and when should I start treatments?
Crystals and crystalline rock have been around for millions of years and they can be found in all types of rocks where conditions for their formation are right. Amethyst Crystal used in Crystal Healing This usually involves a degree of atomic volume, heat and pressure, in varying amounts to allow the crystal to take on its characteristic shape and colour as the atoms find a specific pattern and balance with one another that makes them stable. Their colour and brilliance gives us good reason to gaze at them with awe and handle them with great care.

Our ancestors have been doing so for millennia and even regarded them as having magical powers. Minerals are combinations of different elements that form the building blocks of all physical matter and these same chemical elements appear throughout the whole of the universe. All minerals will form crystals, and once formed, crystals are the most stable and organized forms of matter in the universe.

I often wonder if it is this idea of 'returning back to Mother Earth' that has given crystals and gemstones their long tradition of being used in healing. Going back to our source, going back to where we came from, and using that as our source of healing. What better place to get the healing that we need, than to go back to our source, to the warmth of the earth's inner core (the womb, perhaps), to the source of crystals themselves, the boiling, molten chambers of earths high energy mantle (the fire, the passion of love, the union of sperm and egg, the creation of something new and beautiful). There are just so many parallels here, that using crystals starts to look like the most logical thing in the world.

When should you start?
If you've been trying fertility treatments several times and you're running out of options, perhaps that's the time to give these complementary treatments a try. Take time out to get your diet right, to make sure you are healthy in every other way, to give your body a chance to function the best way it can and in the way it was meant too.

Phil, why do you ask about diet? Is it really that important?
Absolutely! Diet is very important. As well as everything else (physical beings, emotional beings, spiritual beings etc.) we are 'chemical beings', and our chemical makeup determines what is good, or what is bad in our physical bodies. What we eat, the chemicals in our food, affects our body chemistry. When you are trying to conceive, or are pregnant, that new life inside you is made from your own body chemicals.

You are not handing over cells of your own to make a baby, you did that with the egg. Once the egg starts to divide and grow, it is doing this on its own. You are allowing to piece together inside of you, chemical cell by chemical cell, a new life. Whether you supply the sperm or the egg makes no difference. The quality of that union and the environment that the egg grows up in is what is important to the baby as the final product.
Some Crystals used in Crystal Healing
Sometimes we just expect our bodies to perform no matter what we do to them, or throw at them. Sometimes when things go wrong, it can be traced to something we did to ourselves, sometimes there are genetic issues, and sometimes there are those occasions when something is just not meant to be. But because the body is a chemical environment, the pH (the acidity or alkalinity) of that environment is of primary importance to the health of the body.

The pH of our bodies is the product of how we treat it and how we feed it. It is very important that the body pH, particularly the blood, stays in a very tight range. Feed it acid producing foods, the body pH becomes more acid. Feed it alkalizing foods, the body pH becomes more alkali.

The modern diet is very acid producing and this can upset the delicate balance of our body fluids (blood, urine, saliva) and ultimately our health.
If the body is trying to ovulate and produce good, viable eggs, but perhaps can't, it could be because the body is in an acidic condition, the environment may be compromised.

A healthy body maintains alkaline reserves. Where these are insufficient, or when not enough minerals are available from the diet, these are 'gathered' from bone (calcium) or muscle (magnesium) and used to buffer over acidity in the body. This can lead to deficiency symptoms. When acid overload is too great for the blood to balance, excess acid is dumped into the tissues and organs for storage.

The lymph system can deal with this for the most part, unless there is obesity or exercise problems, but then pushes it right back into the blood system. This stresses the body in many ways. The liver, kidneys, heart, brain and all the body systems become irritated, inflamed, dampened down in electrical activity, and generally sluggish, which sets the stage for sickness and disease.

Do you think your ovaries, your tubes, your womb, or your natural cycle are going to feature very highly on the list of priorities, if any of the above applies to you? Of course not!!   That's why we talk about diet.

Supposing this works, who do I thank? You or the doctor?
Neither, you thank yourself and God. Although your doctor/consultant will always expect to get the praise, mainly because you've been taking their drugs. But that's okay, they do an otherwise thankless task and probably need it more than the rest of us. Unfortunately, I know of one consultant who spoke rather sharply to a patient who mentioned she was coming for crystal healing, when she said; 'If I can't cure you, you sure as hell won't do it on your own'. So, I think that tells us that not all are going to be very happy about the decisions you make on your own behalf. I still don't know whether that was arrogance or ego talking, but I do know the lady now has a healthy 2 year old son, who came along quite easily after leaving the fertility program. So it just goes to show!

Some Crystals used in Crystal Healing A growing number of scientists and doctors are openly commenting that crystal healing can help certain conditions and that they appear to be able to influence the vibrational frequency of human tissue. They do, after all, have an energetic frequency of their own, which we make use of in all manner of things; in industry, lasers, computers, watches, liquid crystal displays, solar power and lots more.

No one knows why crystals work in the way that they do, but it may be that just as colour can change our mood, crystal frequency may influence our own cellular frequency, so that in a non-invasive, therapeutic way, crystalline stability brings a cellular stability and rebalancing of our own health and body systems.

My final message to you is this: If you long to have children, or even just the one, and are finding it difficult. If you have always believed in Crystal Healing and now want to use it for conception treatment, or if you have tried everything else and feel now is the time to try this. Don't wait! The sooner we start treatments and analysing your charts, the sooner you are likely to succeed. If you live in any of the towns and villages listed below this article, you are well within a 2-40 minute drive of The Haven Healing Centre, and I'd be delighted to see you.

Please call Phil Chave on 01934 740275 to make your appointment or to talk about a treatment plan structured around your needs.

Don't wait. Make your appointment today. You'll be glad you did!

P.S. If you or your partner are having fertility problems, and you are desperate for a child, then don't wait to be told it's too late. Pick up the phone and give me a call! You can do Crystal Healing right alongside your current treatment and it will do no harm, neither will your treatments interfere with one another.

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