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Phil Chave
Phil Chave
creator of Distant Healer

Contribution Based Distant Healing

How to make your distant healing and Haven Healing Centre donation online - Thank You

Many people are contacting me after they receive the distance healing email, to ask how they can make a donation as a token of their gratitude.

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One of the main worries that face most full time healers and therapists, is, should I charge for something that is regarded by most, as a gift? Sometimes this question can have only one answer. When a healer has unlimited means, then he/she doesn't have to face the dilemma of how to live in the real world. However, most of us do!

I suppose one of the fundamentals that we have, here in the West, is that of value for money. The higher the perceived value of something, the more expensive it becomes. On the other hand, things that are free are regarded as of very little worth, quickly disgarded and of dubious quality.

When applied to one's health, which of course we all value highly, some feel that healing, especially when successful, must be consolidated by equalling the equation. In other words, something received is repaid by giving something in return, the Universal Law of Exchange.

In practical terms, of course, we all have to eat, house and clothe ourselves. And many of us have families. If I'm healing, I'm unavailable to do a regular job that pays real hard currency.

This is increasingly the case as the numbers that come for healing go up and up. I sometimes think it will get to the point where we will be doing group sessions, just to keep up with demand.

The Haven Healing Centre is not funded by any corporate or government agency and all healing assistance is given freely, thanks to the generosity of people like you. Thank You.

How to Make a Donation Online
The Distant Healer Website and The Haven Healing Centre need your support. You have come to this page because it has crossed your mind to make a donation to The Haven Healing Centre. Perhaps you have received healing following your request, or found the site useful in some way, and would like to show your appreciation for all the hard work that has gone into its production.
Well, for that I THANK YOU!

To support The Haven Healing Centre directly, please send your Cheques, Postal Orders, Cash or other payments to:

Philip Chave
The Haven Healing Centre,
The Orchard, Draycott Rd,
Cheddar, Somerset, England, UK.
BS27 3RU

Thank you for your support

Alternatively, please use this direct link to PayPal to make your donation.

The answers to a few FAQ's

Do I have to pay?
Absolutely Not! DistantHealer.co.uk is FREE. You are welcome to come and go as you please and use as much or as little of the site as you need. Nobody is required or should feel obligated to pay for using Distant Healer services.

Why should I give anything?
I get lots of emails from Distant Healer visitors, many of them are full of praise for the articles and sometimes with good news about a healing:
They say, "Distant Healer is a fine site" and many have come back for repeated visits, then something makes them want to give back.

Well, by making a small donation, I can physically help more and more people to return to good health just by helping them direct their own Universal Energy and healing ability to where it's needed most. Your help today will continue to allow this to happen tomorrow!

If you do not wish to give anything, or cannot afford to, you can still use the site for free and with my compliments. However, if you find it useful, a small donation would be very much appreciated.

How much should I give?
This I do leave to your discretion. Paypal will accept donations of $1 or 1 up to whatever you think is fair.

Please don't think that a small donation is worthless, because nothing could be further from the truth. Every dollar and pound is used to keep The Haven Healing Centre running. Other expenses include the upkeep of the Distant Healer domain name, hosting fees, script registration and internet access. There is also the research time, site build time, new features and increasing site functionality. All this costs money and as the site gets bigger, the bills increase right alongside.

Do you have access to my PayPal account or Credit Card details?
Absolutely not! Your instructions give PayPal the details to transfer a specified sum from your bank account into and through your PayPal account into my PayPal account. PayPal tell me there is a payment in my holding account. I can login and view the payment, drawing upon it as required at any time in the future.
I don't see your Credit Card information, only PayPal.

If you have found the information here useful, please make a small secure donation so that the Distant Healer site can continue to be provided FREE to all users.
Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is! Thank You very much!

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